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android – Which tech stack is handiest for constructing a customized cellular gadget keyboard for a cellular app? React Native vs Swift/Kotlin

Scoping out the tech stack required to construct a cellular app that shall be leveraging a customized constructed search field keyboard built-in into the iphone or android gadget. The search field will question a chatGPT server and return a textual content response within the keyboard.

My query is can I exploit React Native for customized cell phone keyboards? Or with that stage of gadget management is it mandatory to construct the app within the native cellphone language e.g. Swift/Kotlin?

Based mostly on the reminiscence limitations on this article it looks like I must create a local language primarily based app, however needed to get some perception to see if I’m heading in the right direction or if React native is definitely a more sensible choice then I am realizing for creating customized keyboard apps.

Thanks for the assistance!



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