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Bug: Progress with Little one | Cocoanetics

There’s a guardian progress that has a complete unit rely of 1000 models. A toddler progress was added with pending unit rely 1000. When the kid progress’ accomplished unit rely is up to date, then the fraction accomplished of the guardian is up to date, however the accomplished unit rely is just not.

Submitted as Apple Suggestions FB9803982. The lovely pattern app can be discovered on my RadarSamples repo.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. run the hooked up Pattern App on iPhone Simulator
  2. Drag the slider slowly to the precise. Discover that solely the guardian’s fraction accomplished adjustments.
  3. Proceed dragging the slider to the precise most. Discover that while you come to the precise aspect of the slider the guardian’s accomplished rely is up to date.
  4. Drag the slider a bit to the left. Once more, solely the guardian’s fraction is up to date.
  5. Drag the slider to the precise most. The guardian’s accomplished unit rely is now double what it ought to be. The truth is each time the kid completes, 1000 is added to the guardian’s accomplished unit rely.

Anticipated Habits

When including a baby progress with a pendingUnitCount worth higher than 1, then the completedUnitCount also needs to be up to date in tandem with the fractionCompleted worth.

Precise Habits

Solely the fraction accomplished of the guardian is up to date. When the kid reaches 100%, the pending worth is added to the finished unit rely. If the progress reverses for some cause, the finished unit rely stays and when the kid will get again to 100% the pending worth is AGAIN added.

Additionally printed on Medium.

Classes: Bug Stories



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