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Fishing for Kokanee 101 Fundamentals


Kokanee fishing is usually a blast, however at instances will be irritating. The frustration comes in case you are doing issues mistaken and don’t perceive the fundamentals of Kokanee fishing. Beneath we’ll give some ideas that ought to enable you to get began, or enable you to superb tune your Kokanee fishing.

1: Kokanee fishing is greatest when carried out from a ship:) Kokanee will be caught from the shore however it’s fairly unusual. They spend their time roving the lakes searching for Plankton or small shrimp. This meals supply isn’t discovered close to the shore.

2: As talked about above, Kokanee are gill rakers as such they roam the lake searching for plankton to sift by way of their system. Plankton are most plentiful in water that’s 50-55 levels. Because of this persons are at all times asking in regards to the depth of their catch. Kokanee need to be on the depth that’s that temperature. Getting there often requires down riggers, or some type of clip weight that can be utilized to troll together with your lure at that depth.

3: Utilizing the right deal with is a MUST. Kokanee aren’t consuming what you current to them, they’re reacting to it and putting out. Deal with that will get a response and an assault out of a Kokanee is essential. We like to make use of dodgers, and squid primarily from Rocky Mountain Deal with of Utah. We’ve images of these things beneath:

4: Pace is essential. We troll wherever from .5 MPH to 1.7MPH, that could be very gradual. We just like the dodger to sway forwards and backwards, not roll fully over. When trolling do NOT go in a straight line, make turns and serpentine motion together with your boat. Usually Kokanee will observe for a lot of yards, then strike after they see one thing change, like velocity or route.

5: Change Change Change, if one thing just isn’t working, then change the colour, the depth, the velocity, the dodger…change.

6: In case you discover fish and catch one, mark that spot and return and again and again. Kokanee are in faculties so stick with that location and fish them.

Go get some, troll the suitable gear, the suitable space and with the suitable deal with. Don’t go to quick and stick with a spot in case you are catching them.



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