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ios – The right way to anticipate the primary sink to get known as earlier than working a snapshot take a look at

I am working into a difficulty with snapshot testing a view that listens for updates from a view mannequin utilizing a Mix writer. The difficulty appears to be with the sink that’s acquired on the primary queue – the closure is what updates the view state. After I connect the view mannequin to the view, the closure contained in the sink is just not executed till after the snapshot take a look at runs, and I am left with an empty button! Is there a method to drive the sink’s closure to execute earlier than working the take a look at?

import Mix
import SnapshotTesting
import UIKit
import XCTest

struct ButtonState {
    let textual content: String
    let colour: UIColor

protocol ButtonViewModel {
    var state: AnyPublisher<ButtonState, By no means> { get }

ultimate class MyButton: UIButton {
    non-public var cancellable: Cancellable?

    func connect(viewModel: some ButtonViewModel) {
        cancellable = viewModel.state
            .obtain(on: DispatchQueue.most important)
            .sink { [weak self] in

    non-public func convertState(_ state: ButtonState) {
        setTitle(state.textual content, for: .regular)
        setTitleColor(state.colour, for: .regular)

struct MockViewModel: ButtonViewModel {
    var state: AnyPublisher<ButtonState, By no means> {

    non-public let currentState: CurrentValueSubject<ButtonState, By no means>

    init(initialState: ButtonState) {
        currentState = CurrentValueSubject(initialState)

ultimate class ButtonSnapshotTest: XCTestCase {
    func testMyButton() {
        let myButton = MyButton()
        myButton.connect(viewModel: MockViewModel(initialState: .init(textual content: "Hi", colour: .blue)))
        assertSnapshot(matching: myButton, as: .picture)



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