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Visa Inc. Interview Expertise (On-Campus) 2022

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Interview Expertise from Birla Institute of Expertise, Mesra.

Spherical 1(Coding Check): The primary spherical was an internet coding take a look at on HackerRank platform that consist of three coding questions and was carried out for 1 hour half-hour. The questions had been:

  • https://leetcode.com/issues/minimum-falling-path-sum/
  • https://leetcode.com/issues/longest-increasing-subsequence/
  • https://leetcode.com/issues/sell-diminishing-valued-colored-balls/

Round 16 college students had been shortlisted for interviews.;

Spherical 2(Technical):

  • The interviewer launched himself and requested me to present my introduction.
  • Then he requested about my tasks and tech stacks used.
  • I defined him about all tech stacks used.
  • After that, he requested a coding query. Given a sorted array, print the lacking numbers in it. He was simply testing our thought course of.
  • Then he requested me to put in writing code of GCD operate.
  • Then he gave two tables Emp_Info and Emp_sal and requested two SQL queries associated to them.
  • First query was a simple one, it was associated to SUBSTR operate.
  • Second query was to get the 2nd Most which could possibly be solved utilizing the ideas of LEFT JOIN, ORDER BY, TOP, OFFSET.
  • What’s OSI Mannequin?
  • Ultimately, he requested whether or not I had any questions for him.          

Spherical 3(Technical): 

  • Inform me one thing about your tasks?
  • Distinction between SQL and NO-SQL Database?
  • Actual life examples the place we’ll favor utilizing SQL and NO-SQL Database?
  • How will you deal with 1 million requests in your software?
  • Distinction between http and https?
  • What are internet sockets?
  • Software program Growth Methodologies?
  • Software program Growth Life Cycle?
  • Which is extra essential improvement or testing and why?
  • What are Deadlocks?
  • Vital situations for impasse? Given a printer and a scanner when can impasse happen?
  • Impasse dealing with strategies? Which method is utilized by home windows OS?
  • Then he requested a coding query : https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/sum-two-large-numbers/
  • Tips on how to greatest keep a sorted record from a stream of integers?
  • Then he requested me a puzzle : https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/puzzle-50-red-marbles-and-50-blue-marbles/
  • Ultimately, he requested whether or not I had any questions for him.

Ultimate Spherical(Technical plus managerial): In my case it was extra of technical.

  • The interviewer was very pleasant. He gave his introduction first and requested my introduction.
  • He went by way of my resume and requested about RazorPay API which I had utilized in certainly one of my venture.
  • What is going to you do if outage occurs in Razorpay API?
  • What is going to you do in a scenario the place your colleague is taking credit score of the work executed by you?
  • How will you discover the cvv of a Debit card? Mainly we’ve got to make use of all 3-digit numbers and examine for correctness.
  • The interview additionally gave one other answer and requested me to present factors why my answer is healthier than his.
  • How will I create a doubly-linked record? An actual life use of doubly-linked record?
  • Then we had a brief dialogue on LRU as I informed him we use doubly-linked record in it.
  • Do you’ve got any questions for me?

Outcomes had been introduced round 9:30 pm.

4 college students had been lastly chosen for 6month+FTE at VISA Inc. and I used to be certainly one of them.



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